A limited number of academic scholarships are available to church members pursuing undergraduate, graduate, or seminary studies.

Instructions For Completing Scholarship Application Form

1. Please download and complete the form using black or dark blue ink. Print or write legibly.

2. Note the instructions given within the application form. They are important and following them will prevent delays in processing your application.

3. February 15, 2019, is the deadline for submitting the application form to the Scholarship Committee.

4. Please turn your completed application into the church office in person or by mailing to:

SHPC Scholarship Committee

P.O. Box 55933

Birmingham, AL 35255

5. If you have questions, please e-mail Larry Harper

For those thinking of applying for a scholarship from either the F.A. Mathes Scholarship Fund or the Helen Mohns Dunaway Seminary Scholarship Fund, the time to prepare applications has arrived.The deadline for submitting complete applications is February 15, 2019.

Click here for the revised scholarship application form or pick up a copy in the church office.

The Scholarship Committee reviews applications and makes recommendations to the Administration Unit in March. The recommendations are passed to the Session where grants are approved at the April meeting.Applicants are notified of their scholarship status in May. Scholarship disbursements are made directly to the educational institutions in two installments, late July and early December.

For the 2018-2019 academic year, 18 scholarships were awarded totaling $27,000 in grants from the two scholarship funds.It is a blessing to be able to offer support to our college and seminary bound students through contributions of gifts to both funds.All South Highland members are encouraged to participate.

2019 - Virginia Handley Jones Scholarship Fund

In 2019 awards will be made from the Virginia Handley Jones Scholarship Fund.This is the first year an amount is available for distribution from the fund.Designated to cover “post-secondary schooling or training that will lead to opportunities for a productive career, based on attainment of a recognizable certificate of accomplishment” applicants will be required to demonstrate financial need.

Click here for the scholarship fund application or pick up a copy from the church office.