Ping Pong Pals

Ping Pong Pals meet on Mondays & Tuesdays from 7-9pm.

The Monday group will resume soon and the Tuesday group resumes on Tuesday, September 25th at Carolyn Hunter's house.

To join the Monday group, RSVP to Gayle Hurley at (205) 529-9225.

To join the Tuesday group, RSVP to Polly Edwards.

Ping Pong Pals (P3) meet as small groups sharing a light meal with the goal of improving at ping pong and getting to know a new group of friends. The "season" consists of two 4-month periods.

Ideally people commit to attend for a year and occasionally new people can be added as people invite friends who want to keep coming. The groups decide on where to meet (either one person's home or the youth suite at church. Everyone signs up to be a host/ess or helper for one or more of the meetings. The home host/ess just provides the place and promises not to vacuum!

The minimum number per group ought to be six and the maximum should be about 12. Casual clothes and tennis shoes are the norm.

It's important to note that many people join P3 who have never played ping pong or haven't played since they were 10! The sessions are run in a friendly, low stress way that is guaranteed to get you moving and laughing!

The meetings are two hours with the first hour spent enjoying a bite to eat and playing short practice rounds. Then we break for "half time" when we have more food, share joys and concerns, and make announcements. Once in a while we'll throw in a little ping-pong lesson.

The final 30 to 45 minutes is spent playing some rousing sessions of Berlin style ping pong which is much like musical chairs on steroids.

The evening ends with acknowledging who did especially well and handing out inexpensive door prizes which the host/ess provides ($10 max). One innovative hostess found vintage ping-pong books on Ebay!

That’s it. Pretty easy and fun. Wanna try?

For more info, contact: or SHPC at 205-933-0790