Prayer for the New Year

By Rev. Dr. Larry Michael

As I stand on the edge of a new beginning, a new year to start afresh in the many areas of my life, I desire to set things right. Oh, it would be such a great idea to make a one-time decision that would last the whole year through. But, in reality, it is a daily decision to bring my life into concert with the God who has blessed me not only with life, but with meaningful relationships, with joys that surpass sorrows, with contemplations that will help me continue in my growth in discipleship. To be a disciple means I am a learner, in fact a learner for life—a follower of Jesus Christ.

The goal as ever is to mature unto Christ, a goal that often seems unattainable, yet it beckons me forward. Dear Lord, please help me this year to not make commitments I cannot keep, but not shy away from making commitments that will pull me forward into the center of your will. May I be in step with you, on the same page, at least on the same planet. Show me the way, guide my thoughts, and lead me into closer relationship with you. In that vein, I will seek to study, to devote in prayer, to attend worship consistently, to be available for your proddings in serving others.

Dear God, help me to be more loving in my relationships, to respect the people around me, and to go the second mile in grace and mercy. May I not be so concerned about recognition and human applause, but to do that which furthers your kingdom’s work, regardless of the outcome. I want to trust you in all things, I want to share in your mission on this earth, I want to help others come closer in their relationship to you. May I not be a hindrance, but an example, a help in reflecting your love to all.

At the end of 2020, may I remember the ways in which you have brought me forward and helped me live a life that is pleasing to you. Affirm my intentions in this prayer and help them to become a reality in all the realms of my life. To you, God, be the glory, great things you have done and will do, in Jesus’ name, Amen.