A Prayer for the New Year

by Larry J. Michael

Dear God, our Heavenly Father, with gratitude we have come through another year.

The blessings have been many, while the challenges were significant, and without your

help our prospects would have been dim indeed. Now we are entering a new year,

one that holds all the possibilities of hope and success that are dependent on many issues.

The promises of your Word we hold dear, believing that you are giving us a hope and a future.

It has been said that prayer without work is perversion, and work without prayer is presumption.

Help us to live in such a way that we are totally engaged with you each and every day,

seeking to live in such a way that our lives will bear fruit for your Kingdom’s sake.

Enable us to stay within the center of your will, to obey your commands, to love all people,

to be an example to our families, to show mercy and grace to others,

to practice your presence and be aware of all opportunities to grow

in the knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. And in this way,

rejoicing in your eternal goodness, and celebrating the relationship

that empowers us to do all that is pleasing in your sight-- We now dedicate

anew ourselves to your purposes, believing that the best is yet to come,

according to your magnificent plan for our lives. For this, and everything else

that may occur, we give ourselves wholeheartedly to live out the calling

that you have given us, with all honor and glory and majesty due to you,

forever our blessed Rock and Redeemer, Amen.