First Wednesday Vespers

First Wednesday Vespers at 6:30pm via Livestream.

(click here to join us) (click here for the bulletin)

Our musicians lead us in glorious music involving varied musical groups in the church,

ranging from the Chancel Choir, to the No Longer Strangers Bluegrass Band,

to other gifted guest instrumentalists and musicians.

Every month on the first Wednesday, there will be a different musical offering.

This service incorporates elements of our former Healing and Wholeness Service.

First Wednesday Vespers is a service of evening prayer observed in the final hours of daylight, just before sunset. It is characterized by an introductory service of light, thanksgiving for the day, scripture lessons, hymns, time for contemplation, and intercessions to God on behalf of the individual, community, and world, as well as supplications for a night of peace.

It is our hope that you will regularly join the South Highland community for this monthly journey of sung and spoken prayer. The service is a 45-minute commitment. Through your participation, we hope that you will find yourself rooted more deeply in a rhythm of public and private prayer and sense a deep connection to prayers of the Christian community past, present, and future. Most importantly, we hope that you will learn to trust anew that Christ is the light of the world, the light that no darkness can overcome. Thanks be to God!