Feed My Sheep

Fourth Sunday for Food to Feed My Sheep

Bring food on Sunday, March 22.

Our Brown Bag Ministry has been revamped and renamed the Feed My Sheep Ministry, still a ministry of compassion. Our church provides emergency bags of groceries to those in need on Wednesdays after 10am. The foods are staples, those cans and boxes you would have in your own pantry. How can you help? Our needs are diverse, beginning with the most important - your prayers!

We will also be collecting food from the congregation on the fourth Sunday of each month. Each month we ask your family to bring in one of the more fragile staples- cereal (including oatmeal), saltine crackers, or rice. The Fourth Sunday is for Food!

Want to do more? In order to provide for more bags than we have in the past, we have become an agent for the Community Food Bank of Central Alabama.

Therefore, help will be needed for ordering, transporting, unloading, organizing, packing, and distributing CFB foods. Have a pickup truck or trailer? Perhaps you could transport some of the 1000 pounds of food from the food bank to our church. Strong? You could help unload foods into our building. If you can arrange groceries on a shelf with the oldest in front, we need you. If you can bag groceries, you can help. Perhaps you can greet the folks coming for the bags on Wednesdays. Yes, we have diverse needs.

If you want to serve your Brothers and Sisters in Christ in this way, contact Sue Keith or any other Feed My Sheep Team members. Your service will be rewarded by the smiles and thanks.

The Fourth Sunday is for Food!

Thank you for all your help! Keep up the good work!