8 (Great ) Dates

Announcing the FIRST EVER Couples’ 8 (Great) Dates Project! This is an exciting, fun, set-your-own-pace, DIY, enrichment/jumpstart opportunity for all ages and stages of couples. Using the book “Eight Dates: Essential Conversations for a Lifetime of Love,” you will go on 8 themed dates with open-ended questions and suggestions that are sure to deepen and enrich your special relationship.

For those who register and report their completed dates, we are offering FREE babysitting from a pair of South Highlanders as well as a “Bonus Award” of $50 to everyone who completes the first 7 dates! Use it on your 8th date to celebrate the project’s end or as you wish. Offer only good through Sept. 1, 2020, so you have 6 months to get in all 8 dates!!!

This project is sponsored by the Shared Life in Christ (SLIC) ministry team and the door prizes are being funded by people who believe that marriage is a sacred and precious gift to be treasured and supported. Donations to support the project are welcome! The books are $15 (Amazon) and are also available free on the Hoopla app through your public library.

To register, click here!

SPECIAL NOTE to ALL South Highland members: While this project is directed primarily at couples, you are invited to consider participating in one or more of these ways:

-Faithfully remember this project in prayer.

-Volunteer to be a Childcare helper by partnering with a friend to help a young family by babysitting. (Contact Gayle)

-Read the book to help increase your own “toolbox” of communication skills.

-Donate to the “8 Dates” fund at SHPC

Click here to download a brochure for more details!

For more information, contact Gayle Hurley at Gayle.Hurley@gmail.com or 205-529-9225.